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> USU welcomes guests form Macon, Georgia

USU welcomes guests form Macon, Georgia
2008-06-24 17:57

On June 9 – 15, Ulyanovsk State University welcomed a delegation from an American partner institution Wesleyan College, whose members also represented Georgia Industrial Children’s Home, the International Cherry Blossom Festival and Macon, Georgia, a sister city of Ulyanovsk.

The American partners aimed to achieve multiple purposes, among them establish business and economic ties, participate in the 360 year celebration of Ulyanovsk, develop programs which assist children in orphanages of Georgia and Ulyanovsk region.

The delegation brought about $5,000 raised by Wesleyan www.wesleyancollege.edu students and faculty throughout the year, which were shared among several children’s homes of Ulyanovsk region and will be used to purchase furniture and equipment.

Most of the funds went to the Beloe Ozero children’s home in Mayna district, a co-founder and sponsor of the regional children’s singing contest for orphans and children with special needs, which is held every summer in the home vicinity in the countryside and traditionally included in Wesleyan visit schedules.

As it has happened every year since the establishment of the joint project benefiting less fortunate children in 2005, the guests purchased orphanage handcrafted items, whose sales proceeds will be split between Georgia Industrial Children’s Home and orphanages of Ulyanovsk.

Russian and American children may soon be able to benefit from an exchange program set up specifically for orphaned and abandoned kids – this opportunity was discussed with child care officials during the delegation’s stay in Ulyanovsk.