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The safe Internet for school students
2014-10-24 10:00

From October 27 to October 30 the USU center  of the Internet -  education is going to conduct  the Uniform  safety lesson in the Internet  network within the  Internet Day  for school  students and for college students. The event  has been initiated by the Federation Council of  the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation and will be carried out in 68 subjects of the Russian Federation.

Seniors and students of colleges will be able to participate in the seminars held by regional specialists of the IT technologies market.  Reports will be made by the deputy director of the company Simbirsoft Oleg  Vlasenko, the director of ITM group of companies Kamil Kalimullin. Pupils will be able to learn about the programmer's life, features of a profession and also how much money  is earned  in the sphere of information technologies.

 Besides,   a quiz "Do you know the Internet?", the  training "I am a specialist of the future"  await the students following the results of which the most active children will be awarded with  memorable prizes.

The organizers prepared a separate program for pupils of the fifth classes of the city schools which included the presentation of the Internet Day  in Russia, a quiz and a seminar on programming.

In the course of  the event  pupils will familiarize themselves with safety rules in  use of the Internet, formation of technical, information, communicative, commercial competences in  younger generation.

"Workshops of innovations" in Ulyanovsk
2014-10-23 09:12

The Workshops of Innovations festival is going to take place on October 23-24 in Ulyanovsk. Scientific lectures of famous Russian scientists, and also movies winners of the Festival of topical scientific films 360 ° are in the program of the festival.  Ulyanovsk state university and  Ulyanovsk state technical university are the  partners of the program. "Workshops of innovations" are coming for the first time  to Ulyanovsk on October 23-24 and will develop the popular scientific program on the platform of two largest higher education institutions of the province – USU and USTU. The Workshops of Innovations of   the infrastructure and educational programs foundation of  RUSNANO embraces 20 cities of Russia and more than 30 institutions of higher education. The project supports and develops communities of promoters of science and technologies in regions. After the festival each student can become a  member of the Workshops of Innovations project, participate in its events in the future and get a chance of supporting  his own promotional projects. "Workshops of innovations" brought scientific lectures and movies winners of the International festival of topical scientific films 360 ° to Ulyanovsk. The lecture of the famous scientist and writer Heinrich Ehrlich "Nano – science, technology or business?" will narrate about what nano is, what the interdisciplinarity and nano revolutionism consists in   and where products of nanotech industry are applied and whether they are safe. How a  technological breakthrough is made you will  learn at another lecture of Heinrich Ehrlich at USTU. The art critic Irina Aktuganova in the lecture "Problems  of the Translation" will speak how promoters of scientific knowledge solve an uncommon problem of the translation from science language into a  language of images. The movie of Kozima Dannorittser  at  USU  "A plot round a bulb" is going to be  shown and  discussed. Cinematography  considers a problem why goods quickly fail, the repair of out-dated electronics is more expensive, than a new one, and why electronic giants intentionally reduce  life service of their  products. The master class in scientific journalism will be held on October 24 by a famous promoter of science Lyubov Strelnikova, the editor-in-chief of the Chemistry and Life journal. The master class is going to take place in IC  Rosatom.

The program  "Workshops of  Innovations" is focused on students, young scientists and  wide audience which is interested in science. Attendance at all events is  free.




The program in USU


October 24


13.00 Lecture "The Nano — Science, Technologies or Business"


Everything  that you wanted to know about nano, but  afraid to ask.  What is nano? Interdisciplinarity of Nano – between what and what? Is nano a revolution? Is nano (not) dangerous? Where are the products  of Nano? Why is Nano necessary for us ? Sincere answers to these and other questions you will get  from Heinrich Ehrlich's lecture, the Doctor of Chemistry, the  writer, a  science promoter, the author of the books "Small objects – big ideas.  “Broad view on nanotechnologies" and "Gold, bullet, saving poison.  “250 years of nanotechnologies"




14.45 Lecture "Problems of the Translation"


Popular writers of scientific knowledge should solve an uncommon problem of the translation from science language into  language of images.  The lecture of  Irina Aktuganova  the art critic, the curator of the Life — Science Version exhibition, and also of a number of large projects of media and science art will be focused on it.


16.30 Film show and discussion "A plot round a bulb"

Director: Kozima Dannorittser

Country: France

Year: 2010

Duration: 75 min.

"Whether there is a bulb capable of shining infinitely? How can a tiny electronic chip ruin all product? Why all of us buy computers which are simpler to throw out more often, than to repair? How two artists from New York prolong the term of operation of iPods by means of the Internet? This history began in the 1920-s when the secret cartel was founded which purpose was to reduce the  operation term of glow lamps thanks to what the electric bulb fell the first victim of the policy of the planned obsolescence of goods and turned from a symbol of progress and innovations into an object of experiments of the designers and businessmen seeking to raise the income and sales at any cost".

After the show  the  discussion will take place, the moderator - Lyubov Strelnikova, the editor-in-chief of the Chemistry and Life journal .

Discussed employment issues
2014-10-22 17:24


The seminar "Employment of young people" took place in Ulyanovsk state university on October 22nd  in which representatives of the Kingdom of Norway, the Russian Federal Service for Labour and Employment, Ministry of health and social development of the Ulyanovsk region, administration of public service of employment of the population in Ulyanovsk and Murmansk regions, and also students of USU took part.

Participants of the seminar studied labor market features of Norway and Russia, shared experience about informing and employment of young people in health sector, economy and  social spheres, and also discussed the ways of their going into the regional labor market.

Anders Kis and Peter Muklebust – adviser of NAV (Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration) became speakers from Norway. NAV is one of the largest programs in Norway helping with employment and obtaining doles, sickness benefits.

Besides, reports were made by the deputy head of the planning department, interaction with regions and control in the Federal Service for Labour and Employment Natalya Luneva, the deputy minister of health care and social development of the Ulyanovsk region Ekaterina Smoroda, the director of the professional education and science department of the Ulyanovsk region Alexey Shklyar.

USU - the winner of the competition "Aircraft Manufacturer of the Year"!
2014-10-22 17:01


The awards ceremony of the competition winners of  "Aircraft Manufacturer of the Year" took place on October 20th  in the World Trade Center, where Ulyanovsk state university became one of the winners.

The deputy of the Defence Minister of the Russian Federation Yury Borisov and the CEO of Federal State Unitary Enterprise CCAI, the chairman of the organizing committee of competition Boris Alyoshin opened this ceremony. Ulyanovsk state university was represented by the president of USU Yury Polyanskov.

More than one hundred enterprises of aviation branch took part in the competition. The separate nomination was assigned for the higher education institutions conducting training of specialists-manufacturers  in aircraft industry .

The first place in the nomination "For the training of New Generation of Experts in Aircraft Manufacturing Branch among institutes of higher education" was won by the Moscow aviation institute. The second place was divided by  Ulyanovsk state university and  Samara state space university.

We’d like to remind , that at the end of September USU was among higher education institutions - winners of the competition of the best training programs for defense industry complex specialists and will get  50 million rubles for the project implementation on target training. Projects of  Ulyanovsk state university were developed together with JSC Aviastar — the Joint Venture and provide development of educational infrastructure and target training of students within two years according to the programs of  bachelor and master’s degree. The programs of target training are aimed at forming modern competences in university graduates in the field of digital technologies of aircraft industry.

We invite to take part!
2014-10-22 16:42

The first regional festival “Medianight” aimed at promoting the regional mass media and career guidance of young people is going to take place on October 24th  in Ulyanovsk. Beside master classes, presentations and exhibitions, valuable prizes and a media quest will be also draws of. The event is going to  last from 17.30 to 24.00. The venue: 4, Lenin Square (Ulyanovsk  state pedagogical university).

We invite to the seminar "Employment of youth"
2014-10-22 12:16

On October 22 the seminar "Employment of youth" will take place at Ulyanovsk state university in which representatives of the Kingdom of Norway, the Russian Federal Service for Labour and Employment, Ministry of health and social development of the Ulyanovsk region, administration of public service of employment of the population in Ulyanovsk and Murmansk regions, and also USU students are going to participate . All interested persons are invited to participate in the seminar.

The event will take place in the conference room of the first buildibg (Sviyaga River Embankment, room 703). The seminar starts at 10.00.

Professional development courses
2014-10-22 12:07

From October 13 to October 16  the training of teachers on the additional professional program of professional development "An assessment of productivity and system of effectiveness of quality management and processes"  was conducted at USU.

The organizers of the course - the State academy of industrial management named after N.P.Pastukhova and the USU center of quality management. Classes were given by candidate of Economic Sciences, a  leading teacher of SAIM named after N.P.Pastukhova, a  leading auditor of the certifying bodies included in the IQNet network Olga Fokina.

During the training participants mastered specifics of processes of the quality system, standards, developed models and cards of process productivity and efficiency, studied techniques of  assessing productivity of quality management system.

The end of the course was taking the examination by the  listeners that  confirmed a successful professional development of USU teachers.

USU staff members held a consulting session on the forthcoming Regional IT school
2014-10-22 11:52

On October 16th  a consulting session within the event "IT school" of the development program of USU student's associations’ activity  took place in Ulyanovsk state university. USU staff members held a consultation for students of the university on a  high-quality preparation for the forthcoming IT - school. Information on the event was presented in detail:

– time and place of registration;

– program;

– the list of the invited experts;

– the list of prizes and competences which will be won by participants;

- other  issues.

The IT school is a two-day forum, the purpose of which is to involve the young people  in IT business. The regional IT school of the Ulyanovsk region will take place on October 29 and 30 at the address: 40, Sviyaga River Embankment Str., building 2, room  40.

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