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> University news

The medical faculty football cup competition was held at USU
2015-05-11 21:37

Last Wednesday at the USU stadium the five-a-side competition among students, interns, residents of the medical faculty named after T.Z. Biktimirov devoted to the 70 anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War was organized.

The tournament is traditional and has been held by the faculty since 2002, for the cup history its holders became both undergraduates, and freshmen and sophomores .

The doctor of medical sciences, professor Valery Gnoyevykh, the dean of the medical faculty, the deputy dean for academic affairs - the candidate of medical sciences, associate professor Margarita Avakova opened the event. Commencement address was made by the guest of honor of the competition - the veteran of the Great Patriotic War Valentina Seleznyova who has worked at Ulyanovsk State University more than 20 years. After solemn speeches under Anthem sounds participants started off white balls as a symbol of Peace in the sky. The start of the tournament was declared right after the minute of silence in memory of the dead and missing persons in the war years.

The competition took place by rules of the game of five-a-side. In each team there were  eight participants – players and a goalkeeper, teams had a possibility of unlimited number of substitutions. Duration of each game was 22 minutes – two halves for 10 minutes and a two-minute break.

In total 50 people participated in the tournament, two groups on three teams played the first, second and third places in the subgroups, winners of these games met in the final duel.

With advantage in one point the team of the third year students of the medical faculty named after T.Z. Biktimirov became the cup holders, the team of the fifth year students got silver medals and, at last, the third prize was taken by the team of the fourth year students.

All participants received certificates and memorable prizes from hands of the chief judge of games, the senior teacher of the department of physical culture of USU Anatoly Portnov.

We congratulate the winners! 



The action "St.George's Ribbon" was held at USU
2015-05-11 20:32

On May 6 in honor of celebration of the 70 anniversary of Victory Day USU students carried out an action "St.George's Ribbon" on campus.  Activists of the Trade-union committee already managed to give out  ribbons in the first, second and third buildings of university. Students with pleasure participated in the action which is carried out every year on the eve of May holidays. Foreign students joined the action with not less enthusiasm, giving out ribbons to their companions at the student's residence hall. On May 7 the distribution at the medical (Architect Livchak St., 2/1), law (Goncharov St., 40/9) faculties and in the building  on 4A Pushkinskaya str., is planned. We would like to remind that "St.George's Ribbon" — is the public action of distribution of symbolical ribbons devoted to the celebration  of Victory  in the Great Patriotic War, which is taking place since 2005 at the initiative of "RIA Novosti" and ROOSPM "A student's community". Traditionally since the end of April till May 9 in territorial subjects of the Russian Federation attributes of the action – memorable ribbons are distributed in which the traditional bicolor of "St.George's Ribbon" is used. It is well-known to everyone and was used while creating  one of the main awards of the Second World War — "Glory Awards". "St.George's Ribbon" isn't its exact copy, but is  associated with this symbol of valor and courage.

USU took part in the roundtable within the framework of the Russian aircraft producers’ Congres
2015-04-27 14:04

  On April 16 the second Russian aircraft producers’ Congress was launched in the territory of the privately held corporation “Aviastar-SP”, within the framework of which the roundtable dedicated to the topic "The development of the aviation industry workforce capacity. The increase of the professional specialist training” was held.Heads of the aviation enterprises, heads of the higher education institutions, specialists of HR departments, students and graduates of the city of Ulyanovsk participated in the roundtable. The event was held in two parts, the former was devoted to the discussion of the training questions of in-demand specialists for aviation industry, the latter – to the priority problems of the development of aviation industry workforce capacity. An awarding ceremony for students and pupils, who became winners of the Aviabattle online championship, preceded the "roundtable". Rector of USU Boris Kostishko handed diplomas and prizes. The MAI Rector Anatoly Gerashchenko made a presentation about aviation personnel development. He also emphasized that the higher education institution has adjusted an active cooperation with USU in this important high-tech industry which pulling all other industries. The president of USU Yury Polyanskov is an inexhaustible toiler, who almost doesn't leave the Moscow aviation institute. USU entered our educational and methodical association. And it is pleasant to me that I arrived and took a walk at your university yesterday. Last year at the conference was raised the question, the Aviastar management reported about the problem with digitization of drawings. Two teams of teachers and students are working on digitization there in Moscow, and you had a problem here. And it is so pleasant to me that they have adopted our ideas, looked (observed) as all of us do it, and have already made an excellent master class on digitization of drawings. I think they will solve the problem and in the future they will even train specialists. I negotiated with Boris Mikhailovich, now we are going to examine the program. We will exchange our students; we already have an experience, "- said Anatoly Gerashchenko. USU students, future engineers and aircraft manufacturers, listened carefully about the prospects of higher education institutions partnership. We will remind that the largest Russian enterprise, releasing an aircraft equipment Aviastar-SP also is the strategic partner of ULSU, where recently was set up the basic chair of aviation production digital technologies. The Deputy Director General responsible for the organizational development and personnel of "Aviation Equipment" Sergei Gulkin, the head of SSAU Construction and Design of aircraft department Valery Komarov, the project supervisor of the Cluster development Center "Russian engineering" of the Ulyanovsk region Ludmila Egorova also made reports. The first part of the roundtable came to the end with a series of questions to the speakers. The second part was devoted to the specific industry questions and passed in more concealed mode.



Karsten Heinz visited USU
2015-04-27 13:52

On April 16 in Ulyanovsk State University titular professor of USU, the assistant of department "Fraunhofer's society, Max Planck's Society, innovative approach in science and researches" of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Science Carsten Heinz gave a lecture.

The students of Institute of International Relations, Humanities Department and the Department of culture and arts gathered in the University conference hall. The participants saw the movie «Russendisko». At the meeting the issues of modern Russian vision of Germany, emigration to Germany and the main difficulties that people face moving to the city of Germany were discussed.

It should be noted that Mister Heinz became a titular professor of USU in 2012, cooperation with Germany took a new turn of the development in USU and encompasses (covers) a wide palette of the directions today. The joint projects are carried out in spheres of linguistics, economy, power, machine-tool construction, automotive industry, etc.


Vote for the USU choir
2015-04-27 13:42

  The Choir of USU students and lecturers will participate in the final stage of the first all-Russian competition of Russian technical university students’ choirs «Blagovest", which will be held on April 17-19 at Saint Petersburg State Polytechnic University. An online event broadcast will be conducted on the official website of the contest "Blagovest" during three competition days. Let us support the USU choir members by your suffrage.


USU was recognized as the best enterprise
2015-04-27 13:35

The fund for the Promotion of the Business Development noted Ulyanovsk State University in the nomination (category) "The Best Enterprise of the Year — 2014" and awarded the honorary title "An enterprise of the high accounting organization".

An international Award "The Best Enterprise of the Year" is awarded to the domestic and foreign enterprises, working at the territory of the Russian Federation and achieved high results in core activity along with the best socio-economic indicators.

The fund for the Promotion of the Business Development is the public commercial organization created by the business group in 2007 with the support of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Federal Assembly.




Ulyanovsk State University participated in the exhibition of educational services
2015-04-06 13:23

On the 2nd of April Ulyanovsk State University participated in the V International exhibition  “Education in Russia. Education  Abroad”.  Among the participants of the exhibition were higher education  institutions  of  the region, Russian and foreign universities, colleges, schools and language centers.

The exhibition was attended by school students, university students, parents and all those who are interested in an opportunity of getting education in Russia.  Visitors could familiarize themselves with work of  the institutions, directions and programs of study as well as the admission requirements.

Within the framework of the event the seminars and presentations for Vice-Rectors for International Relations, International Relations officers, students and  graduates were organized.  Topics of the seminars were issues of global education,  attracting foreign students to Russian institutions and issues of exporting educational services.

The event organizers were the International educational center “Optima study”, exhibition company “Optima expo” and  magazine “International education and career”.


The USU management participated in a videoconference concerning the training of specialists for the military industrial complex.
2015-04-03 11:28

Last Tuesday in the  laboratory of virtual engineering of the USU basic department of digital technologies in aviation production  attached to  JSC Aviastar-SP  the videoconference with participation of  Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Rogozin was held.

This event  took place within the framework of  the First All-Russian Forum "New personnel of  the MIC: the union of education and  industry" which united representatives of the educational organizations, the enterprises of  the military industrial complex (MIC), officials of executive authorities, and also leading experts of the industry.

 CEO of  the JSC Aviastar-SP Sergey Dementiev, Rector of USU Boris Kostishko, department chair of   the USU "Digital Technologies of Aviation Production" basic department,  deputy CEO -  director of economics and finance of  the JSC Aviastar-SP Andrey Toporkov,  deputy director of the Center of competences "Aviation Technologies Aviation Mobility" Dmitry Shabalkin, etc. became participants of this videoconference.

In his speech, Sergey Gennadevich noted that there is a need for new personnel, moreover, according to the head of the aviagiant, specialits have to be able not simply to operate the up-to-date  equipment, and to create its new samples, to understand spirit and philosophy of new modes of production.

Rector of  Ulyanovsk State University Boris Kostishko told about the history of formation of relationship of  Ulyanovsk State University and Aviastar, and also about  joint realized projects during the videoconference. According to him, the new unique software and laboratory equipment which is already now used in educational and scientific process, gives a possibility to train students for application of new technologies of the sixth technological way: prototyping and additive technologies, virtual reality, complex digital technologies for metallurgical production.

The director of the Center of competences "Aviation Technologies Aviation Mobility" Dmitry Shabalkin spoke about the purposes of the complex of virtual engineering of IC.IDO and its use when performing research work and in educational process in more detail. Sergey Dementiev in turn noted the possibilities of  solving applied tasks with the use of technologies of virtual engineering.



The general meeting of the Board of Trustees at Ulyanovsk State University.
2015-04-01 13:43

The general meeting of the Board of Trustees was held at  Ulyanovsk State University on March 27.

At  the meeting the Executive vice-president of the USU Board of Trustees, Rector Boris Kostishko was the first to make the report on implementation of the program of activity of  Ulyanovsk State University in 2014 and on the problems of the current year. He noted that in recent years the university made a real breakthrough in the development and achieved impressive results. Today the progressing dynamics of activity development in USU is clearly visible in all directions - education, science, international cooperation, administrative activity, etc. Positions of the university in various Russian and world rankings and achievements of university scientists testify to it. This is  a great merit of the members of the USU Board of Trustees.

The Assistant to the President of the Board of Trustees Maria Bolshakova told us about the results of activity in 2014 of the board. She noted that the Board  carries out the activity according to the Charter of the Board of Trustees, the annual plan of work and target programs.

In the course of  work support programs to the best students, assistance to strengthening  material base of the university, and also - the program of the USU international activity  were implemented.

"It is pleasant that the board includes people, not indifferent to science and education and the systems of the higher education which are sincerely wishing to promote development in the region", -  Maria Bolshakova noted.

Besides, the members of the Presidium discussed financial and economic activity, approved annual balance and the estimate of expenses of the Board of Trustees for 2015.



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