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> University news

Ulyanovsk State University participated in the exhibition of educational services
2015-04-06 13:23

On the 2nd of April Ulyanovsk State University participated in the V International exhibition  “Education in Russia. Education  Abroad”.  Among the participants of the exhibition were higher education  institutions  of  the region, Russian and foreign universities, colleges, schools and language centers.

The exhibition was attended by school students, university students, parents and all those who are interested in an opportunity of getting education in Russia.  Visitors could familiarize themselves with work of  the institutions, directions and programs of study as well as the admission requirements.

Within the framework of the event the seminars and presentations for Vice-Rectors for International Relations, International Relations officers, students and  graduates were organized.  Topics of the seminars were issues of global education,  attracting foreign students to Russian institutions and issues of exporting educational services.

The event organizers were the International educational center “Optima study”, exhibition company “Optima expo” and  magazine “International education and career”.


The USU management participated in a videoconference concerning the training of specialists for the military industrial complex.
2015-04-03 11:28

Last Tuesday in the  laboratory of virtual engineering of the USU basic department of digital technologies in aviation production  attached to  JSC Aviastar-SP  the videoconference with participation of  Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Rogozin was held.

This event  took place within the framework of  the First All-Russian Forum "New personnel of  the MIC: the union of education and  industry" which united representatives of the educational organizations, the enterprises of  the military industrial complex (MIC), officials of executive authorities, and also leading experts of the industry.

 CEO of  the JSC Aviastar-SP Sergey Dementiev, Rector of USU Boris Kostishko, department chair of   the USU "Digital Technologies of Aviation Production" basic department,  deputy CEO -  director of economics and finance of  the JSC Aviastar-SP Andrey Toporkov,  deputy director of the Center of competences "Aviation Technologies Aviation Mobility" Dmitry Shabalkin, etc. became participants of this videoconference.

In his speech, Sergey Gennadevich noted that there is a need for new personnel, moreover, according to the head of the aviagiant, specialits have to be able not simply to operate the up-to-date  equipment, and to create its new samples, to understand spirit and philosophy of new modes of production.

Rector of  Ulyanovsk State University Boris Kostishko told about the history of formation of relationship of  Ulyanovsk State University and Aviastar, and also about  joint realized projects during the videoconference. According to him, the new unique software and laboratory equipment which is already now used in educational and scientific process, gives a possibility to train students for application of new technologies of the sixth technological way: prototyping and additive technologies, virtual reality, complex digital technologies for metallurgical production.

The director of the Center of competences "Aviation Technologies Aviation Mobility" Dmitry Shabalkin spoke about the purposes of the complex of virtual engineering of IC.IDO and its use when performing research work and in educational process in more detail. Sergey Dementiev in turn noted the possibilities of  solving applied tasks with the use of technologies of virtual engineering.



The general meeting of the Board of Trustees at Ulyanovsk State University.
2015-04-01 13:43

The general meeting of the Board of Trustees was held at  Ulyanovsk State University on March 27.

At  the meeting the Executive vice-president of the USU Board of Trustees, Rector Boris Kostishko was the first to make the report on implementation of the program of activity of  Ulyanovsk State University in 2014 and on the problems of the current year. He noted that in recent years the university made a real breakthrough in the development and achieved impressive results. Today the progressing dynamics of activity development in USU is clearly visible in all directions - education, science, international cooperation, administrative activity, etc. Positions of the university in various Russian and world rankings and achievements of university scientists testify to it. This is  a great merit of the members of the USU Board of Trustees.

The Assistant to the President of the Board of Trustees Maria Bolshakova told us about the results of activity in 2014 of the board. She noted that the Board  carries out the activity according to the Charter of the Board of Trustees, the annual plan of work and target programs.

In the course of  work support programs to the best students, assistance to strengthening  material base of the university, and also - the program of the USU international activity  were implemented.

"It is pleasant that the board includes people, not indifferent to science and education and the systems of the higher education which are sincerely wishing to promote development in the region", -  Maria Bolshakova noted.

Besides, the members of the Presidium discussed financial and economic activity, approved annual balance and the estimate of expenses of the Board of Trustees for 2015.



The results of Volga-IT' 15 have been summed up
2015-03-30 14:31

On March 28 and 29 at Ulyanovsk State University  the VIII Volga region Olympic Games "Volga-IT 2015" was held  the participants of which  were the  students from the Nizhny Novgorod, Samara, Saratov, Belgorod, Vladimir, Ulyanovsk regions, the Chuvash Republic, Mari El, Mordovia, Tatarstan, the Perm territory and other regions.

 By  tradition the tasks based on real production tasks of the strongest IT companies that are working on the global market of products and services in the sphere of the information technologies and acting as sponsors and organizers of the event  were offered to participants. Students competed in eight nominations, among them: algorithmic programming, web-design, imposition, Internet programming of PHP and Internet programming of Java, games development, telecommunication technologies and information security, and also applied programming.

 The Olympic Games winners  were  named  at the  solemn closing ceremony which took place on Sunday. Part in the awards ceremony was taken by distinguished guests - Governor of the Ulyanovsk region Sergey Morozov, First Deputy Prime Minister of the region - Svetlana Openysheva, Rector of USU Boris Kostishko, Vice Rector for scientific work of USTU Nadezhda Yarushkina, heads of the companies of the IT industry and others. 

According to the organizers, this year the number of the nominations was reduced, but thus the number of  the participants of the Olympic Games increased and it is a significant indicator of the level of  the action. Curators from the nominations also noted high extent of participants’ training  of the current Olympic Games who showed the professional qualities  in the  selection round.

The system of higher education in the region has been discussed
2015-03-30 12:20

On March 26 in the conference room of science and technology park "USU - high technologies" the next meeting of Rectors’ Council  of the Ulyanovsk region under the chairmanship of Rector of USU Boris Kostishko took place.  Governor Sergey Morozov and chief federal inspector in the Ulyanovsk region Vladimir Kozin participated in the meeting.

The members of the council considered questions of participating  students  in joint actions: youth forum of the Volga Federal District "iVolga-2015, youth innovative forum; discussed preparation of higher education institutions for  the 70 anniversary of  Great Victory and intermediate results of competition of creative works among pupils of schools of arts and students of higher education institutions of the Ulyanovsk region "the Chronicle of Memory".

The chairman of the regional office of the Union of journalists of Russia, professor of USU Oleg Samartsev presented the project “Science 73”, the purpose  of which is a systemic, deep and diverse coverage of scientific achievements of the Ulyanovsk scientists.

Rector of Ulyanovsk state technical university Alexander Pinkov and President of  Ulyanovsk state university Yury Polyanskov reported on prospects of training highly qualified personnel for the aviation industry of the Ulyanovsk region. There was an exchange of opinions on problems of development and deployment  mechanisms of the effective contract with scientific and pedagogical workers in the system of higher education.



The students’ conference was held at USU.
2015-03-27 12:06

The students’ scientific conference "Topical Issues of Neurology" was held  on March 25 at USU. The USU students of the medical faculty named after T.Z.Biktimirov became participants of the conference.

Welcome speeches were given by the head of the department of neurology, neurosurgery, physical therapy and physiotherapy exercises,  doctor of medical sciences professor Victor Mashin.

Participants of the conference presented the results of their scientific work. Reports were made by the four-year students - Zilya Zamaltdinova, Valery Gurbanov, Anna Peyzova, Darya Belomestnova, Elmira Shukyurova, Islam Abdullaev, Denis Ugarin, Alice Budayeva, Vladislav Oryolkin, Regina Bakhitova, Maxim Volkov, Sultan Aynolov, students of the fifth year - Anastasius Moleykin, Aysila Azizov, students of the sixth course – Anastasia Koroleva, Olga Chaplanova.

Attendees with genuine interest listened to participants’ reports, actively asked questions. In the conclusion the participants were handed the certificates with a wish of successful study, effective cooperation in scientific work.

thumb_dsc_0013.jpgthumb_dsc_0014.jpg thumb_dsc_0015.jpg

Partners from China: USU signed the agreement with the higher education institutions of the People's Republic of China
2015-03-27 11:14

On March 25 at USU the cooperation agreement was signed with the universities of the Province of Anhui (People's Republic of China). The agreement concluded within interaction between the higher education institutions assumes implementation of joint projects in the near future. The agreement was signed by heads of the organizations – Rector of USU Boris Kostishko, Rectors of classical and medical universities of the Province of Anhui Wang Xin and Da Iva.

According to the signed agreement of the Parties will develop an active cooperation in the sphere of educational, research, international and cultural and educational activity. In particular, educational activity includes implementation of  joint courses,  practical training and programs of additional education,  courses of Chinese. The offer was heard to establish the faculty of Chinese which will function at USU in the future.

In the scientific sphere it is supposed to realize joint researches and projects, holding of conferences, both in the Province of Anhui, and in Ulyanovsk. The exchange of students and teachers will help to get an insight view of culture of the two peoples more deeply. As Rector of Anhui university  noted  cooperation of the Chinese higher education institutions with the Russian ones has big prospects.  From the already existing ties  there is an active cooperation with Samara state university and cooperation with Ulyanovsk State University will also promote expansion of educational and scientific links between Russia and China.

In the course of discussion of further prospects it was offered to organize the exhibition devoted to the 70 anniversary of the Victory in Ulyanovsk, the Chinese partners accepted the offer and agreed with pleasure on an exchange of the students’ creative works. We would like to remind that the similar exhibition devoted to soldiers’ courage  during the Great Patriotic War will be presented in the Russian cultural center in Beijing soon, the works of school students and students of the region recognized as the best in the course of the competition announced in the winter  this year will be displayed at the exhibition.

Rector of USU Boris Kostishko took interest in the features and culture of the Chinese food, and also saw an opportunity of publishing a book on the unusual Anhui cuisine in Ulyanovsk, it was also offered to translate the book about culture of China into Russian.


Cooperation of USU and the Chinese universities has long traditions. Among partners in China  Ulyanovsk State University has contacts with a number of higher education institutions:

Zhengzhou university (Zhengzhou, pr. Henan, People's Republic of China);

Jiangnan university (Wuxi, pr. Jiangsu, People's Republic of China);

Heilongjiang university (Harbin, pr. Heilongjiang, People's Republic of China);

Handan academy ( Handan, pr. Hebei, People's Republic of China);

Hunan pedagogical university (city of Changsha, Province of Hunan, People's Republic of China).

On January 25, 2015 at Ulyanovsk State University the Russian-Chinese center of strategic partnership was opened. The international academy of chi quong and tai-chi which is a part of the Center, is the only certified representative office of the School of Yang.


The USU delegation visited Germany
2015-03-24 20:49

In March, 2015 the VIII German-Russian workshop in which the Russian guests participated from the economic faculties of Ulyanovsk and Nizhny Novgorod was held at Niederrhein University.

In the framework of the workshop the students and guests visited the German enterprises. Among the members of the Russian delegation there were Rector of  Ulyanovsk State University, professor Boris Kostishko, Dean of the Russian-German faculty of Ulyanovsk State University Larisa Radchenko, other representatives of the Russian higher education institutions.

During the workshop President of  Niederrhein University, professor Hans von Grunberg, Vice-president Saskia Drossler and Rector of USU Boris Kostishko spoke about opportunities of further cooperation.

In May the second part of the workshop is going to take place. For this purpose the German students will go to Ulyanovsk. Professor of Economics and the organizer of the workshop  Martin Wenke and President of Niederrhein Hans von Gruenberg  will arrive in Russia.

"Despite an unsatisfactory political situation today we would like to improve cooperation between universities and to develop it rather than limit", - Martin Wenke speaks out.

USU graduate is a participant of the All-Russian competition "Person of the Year of Rosatom"
2015-03-23 13:26

USU graduate  Evgeny Makarov  is  among the  participants of the prestigious competition "Person of the Year" which is held by the Rosatom corporation. The specialist of the JSC Research Institute of Atomic Reactors  Evgeny Makarov completed a full-time postgraduate course  in 2012  at  Ulyanovsk  State  University majoring in  "Solid state physics".  Now he is finishing  work on the thesis on the subject "Influence of the Squeezing and Stretching Tension on Radiation Swelling and Creep Deformation of  Austenitic Steels of X18H10T". The young scientist is conducting research on materials  supervision of reactor’s operation in the JSC Research Institute of Atomic Reactors.

The Rosatom program  of "Person of the year" is aimed at merit recognition  of the best employees in the industry  and includes 53 nominations in the  three key directions: division professions, all-corporate and special nominations. The awarding ceremony  of the winners is going to take place on March 26 in Moscow  with participation of the CEO of Rosatom State corporation Sergey Kiriyenko.

In each nomination contest committees at the enterprises chose the nominees. The main selection criteria are significant work results, non-standard approaches to the solution of tasks, division of corporate values and professional qualities of candidates.

The meeting of the special purpose committees of the Council of Rectors was held at USU
2015-03-11 13:11


On March 5 the chairman of the board of Rectors of Higher education institutions of the Ulyanovsk region, Rector of USU Boris Kostishko held a meeting with the special purpose  committees of the Council. Seven interuniversity committees have been set up:

1. for educational and methodical work;

2. for research and innovative activity;

3. for the international activity;

4. for  youth policy implementation, educational work and development of student's sport

5 forn professional orientation work and employment;

6. for strategic development of universities;

7. for corruption counteraction.

The participants of the meeting determined objectives and priorities for work in the near future.

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